The 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Could Get a Gulf-ish Livery From the Factory

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It’s time to earn some new racing stripes,” says the newest cryptic teaser posted to the Chevrolet Corvette’s official Facebook page. Could these be new paint schemes offered on Chevy’s flagship sports car? All we know is, there’s a C8 shown in a paint scheme that isn’t typically found on the Corvette: the baby blue and bright orange of Gulf Oil.

It’s time to earn some new racing stripes.

It’s time to earn some new racing stripes. Check back soon for news.

Posted by Corvette on ორშაბათი, 06 ივლისი, 2020

Chevrolet shows off several sets of stripes on the new C8 Corvette during this brief teaser post, many of which recall liveries near and dear to Corvette’s past. The black with yellow stripes is an inversion of the yellow-with-black-accents sports car livery they’ve run for years in IMSA and at Le Mans. White with blue stripes adorned the winningest Corvette L88 race car of all time.

Meanwhile, red stripes were already expected as an option the C8 Corvette along with those yellow stripes, plus Carbon Flash, blue, silver and orange, per Hagerty.

Yet the one paint scheme that’s raising the eyebrows of Corvette fans is this bright, light blue render with orange stripes:

While Hagerty notes that this blue-and-orange scheme lacks the black outline that typically appears around the orange stripes on Gulf-liveried cars, it does fit the same general design as the other stripes shown, so we’ll give it as pass as Gulf-ish.

Yet outside of a couple rad diecasts, it’s hard to say where this Gulf livery is coming from. The Gulf livery is associated more with the Porsche 917, McLaren F1 and Ford GT40. So, did Chevrolet pick up a new racing sponsor for the C8.R?